Love your Local

5 Dec

I’ve been away for the weekend, after a busy week last week, and when it came to make dinner this evening I realised I was a little short of provisions. I also needed to work late.

So, I thought, this is thee perfect excuse for a foodie’s occasional indulgence in junk food. Tonight would be the night I’d have a pizza delivered! This time though I wanted the junk food version, not the nice tasty wood-fired oven treats of somewhere like Firezza.

Remembering my student days, and some late nights at the BBC, I thought I’d have a Domino’s pizza. I headed to the Dominos website – where I soon found that the pizza would be £17.99!!

Wow. Blowing eighteen quid on some dough, a few bits of ‘meat’, a scattering of very thinly sliced veg, and some plastic cheese. No thanks.

A quick bit of research showed that even Gordon Ramsay’s gastropub, the York and Albany, does wood fired oven pizzas for £10.50, served to you in restaurant surrondings. I’m willing to bet that a Gordon Ramsay pizza trumps the Dominos version.

So, I thought, I’m packing up my laptop and taking my quest to my local pub. It’s not quite Gordon Ramsay, but it’s perfectly good food – and very good value.

They didn’t have pizza on the menu, but here’s what I got for my £18:

This was billed on the menu as “Aged Angus Scottish rib-eye chargrilled steak with handcut chips and peppercorn sauce”. The steak was good quality, cooked perfectly rare, and really did have that beautiful chargrilled taste. Good, simple, pub food.

But that was only £13.95! So I added a pint of real ale for £3. That meant I had good food and good drink for the same price as junkfood pizza.

It also provided me with some very nice surroundings for an evening of writing (and, between you and me, some more pints).

What have I learned from this? To love my ‘local’. I want local places like this to exist, and I appreciate the value they provide in offering good simple food at reasonable prices – so I’m going to support them. I’ll be going to the pub more for dinner when I don’t have time or energy to cook.

Now, how’s that for a good excuse for a foodie to indulge?

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One Response to “Love your Local”

  1. Nevets Senots 29/12/2011 at 21:19 #

    Great post mate keep up the good work.

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